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Meet The Rock-Climbing Brands: Singing Rock and Ocún

Both founded in "Bohemian Paradise", Czech Republic, where spectacular sand towers and limestone rock formations are just a stone throw away, the brands Singing Rock and Ocún are no novices when it comes to rock climbing. With their love for the sport, their technical expertise and years of knowledge, it is impossible to imagine the European rock climbing industry without them. With Ocún dipping their toe in the professional line as well (Singing Rock has had one for a while), it was time to bring them to Australia. 

SR and Ocun logo

Singing Rock 

Founded in 1992 as a small garage business making sport climbing harnesses, Singing Rock has quickly grown to a multi-national business that makes everything a rock climber needs. From helmets to carabiners, from ropes to harnesses, from lanyards to pulleys, you name it they have it. And not just for rock climbers; cavers, rope access technicians, arborists, firefighters and rescuers, all find their way to the products of Singing Rock. It's not difficult to see why, their products are well designed, comfortable and great value for money (check out this review on the Onyx climbing harness).

And they don't stop there. They have also thought about the back end of things.  With integrated Papertrail, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) inspection and management has become easier, faster and above all more accurate. 


After hauling your heavy bag of gear and water to the perfect spot, you want nothing else but to put on your harness and just go. Luckily with the Rock and Lock buckles on most of the climbing harnesses, that is one easy and smooth movement. Just make a loop, put it over the crossbar and tighten. Easy peasy, you're ready to go. Another great feature of the Singing Rock harnesses is the size adjusting system, BMI. Perfect for when you need to put on a set of extra clothes or when you have lost a bit of weight ;).

The professional line has its own fastening buckle: the two-finger safety release Speed buckle. Made from high strength steel, the black-coated buckle just takes one second to open and close. Crucial in situations where every second counts AND where safety is the primary concern, as it is impossible to open when loaded or to close when twisted. 

Want to see how a rock-climbing harness is made? Head over to EpicTV to see the whole process from start to finish


Oval, pear, or triangle: the Singing Rock carabiners come in every shape. Use them to attach your tool bag, ropes and other accessories. Their carabiners are made using the hot forging technique. This procedure gives them a better strength/weight ratio and more resistance compared to carabiners made using the cold forging method.

different carabiners SR

If you are looking for a carabiner that is easy to use in slings or belay stations, have a look at their Ozone carabiners. Not a fan of carabiners that snag into your rope? The Bora line is then your best friend. With three different versions (screw, twist or triple) and just as many colours, there is one for everyone. 


For years 10.5 mm ropes were braided in the same way: a core covered and protected by a sheath made by 48 strands of yarn. But as the technology gave way to new synthetic fibres to create a lighter core, a new type of sheath cover had to be invented. Instead of using 48 thinner strands to account for the smaller diameter of the core, Singing Rock decided to take out a few strands. Four to be exact. This technic, named Route 44, makes selected ropes lighter, more durable, more compact and yet, still soft to touch. In other words: pretty much perfect.

rope dissected

This is not the only high-tech feature that Singing Rock implements in their ropes. For example, the Hero Dry 9.6 is water repellent using Teflon coating to prevent the penetration of water and dust particles. Effectively increasing its lifespan at the same time. 


What do boulder mats, crack gloves and rubber toes have in common? One brand: Ocún. This leading brand has been at the forefront of all these industry-changing products. They were one of the first to introduce boulder mats, their crack glove design is still one of the most well-rated by climbers, since their introduction in 2001, and their rubber stretch over toe shoe design is renowned for its contribution to the climbing industry. And they have not stopped there. Their ingenious padding technology called WeBee, and their 4-in-1 modular system is the way forward for work positioning and fall arrests harnesses. 

WeBee technology 

In the search to make harnesses lighter, Ocún developed a hexagonal structured 3D foam padding that did more than that. It made it lighter, but also more comfortable, as the hexagonal structure allows for flexible shaping and ventilation. Additionally, the closed cellular structure of the foam (PE EVA) makes the padding more durable, while at the same time making it super easy to clean (it's fully washable!). 

4-in-1 Modular system

No need for getting rid of your working harness when a part needs replacement or needs to adapt to new requirements. Just change the decommissioned part (waist, legs, top or chest V) of the Thor harness, and you are good to go again. 

The 4 modules of Thor


Ocún has developed their own PPE inspection management tool called, VerticalSpace. In addition to keeping all your inspection papers in one place, it also offers quick access to user manuals, list of authorised technical inspectors and purchase history. It even has an integrated online consultation service. Plus, you can use it with other brands as well! Petzl, DMM as well as Singing Rock are possible to integrate with VerticalSpace. 


Is there anything else you like to know about Singing Rock or Ocun products? Just shoot us a message here and we'll get in touch!