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Side of Courant D4 Descender
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Courant D4 Descender

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Self-braking descender

The D4 is an innovative self-braking descender which offers precise control in case of fast or slow decent.

Intended for use by people using ropes or rescue workers of all levels, Courant D4 self-braking descender is foreseen with an aluminium grip which, thanks to its unique double cam system enables very precise control of the descent speed. Use of the best alloys available renders it extremely robust. The descender is equipped with an anti-panic system and enables lowering of heavy loads.

Courant designed D4 Descender mainly for:

  • Working at height
  • Firefighting
  • Rescue services
  • Military and Police

Features of D4 Descender

  • Multi-function grip allows the user to keep his/her hands free.
  • Easy movement on an inclined or horizontal plane.
  • Positioning of the work station without stop keys.
  • Anti-panic function
  • Ergonomic locking system with button for easy installation, passage of fractioning and limits the risk of losing the D4.
  • The swivel cam enables easy take up of the slack strand of a rope and climbing of the rope using an ascender.



  • CE
  • EN 12841

Technical specifications

  • Weight: 655 gr
  • load: 240 kg

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