Courant Kanopa
Courant Kanopa rope
Courant arborist rope
courant rope
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Courant Kanopa 12.1mm

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The KANOPA 12.1mm rope

Developed back in 2009, the Kanopa 12.1mm rope from Courant quickly became the most popular 16-strand climbing rope used by French arborists and it is still widely used today. This 12.1mm diameter rope utilises the X-Braid parallel core technology which gives it its long-lasting flexibility, this construction guarantees almost zero core-sheath slippage. 
In 2019 Courant introduced a new vibrant colour combination to further enhance the Kanopa's visibility in the trees. Available in different lengths with one or two eye splices, this rope is perfect for the arborist equipment set up. 

• Diameter: 12.1mm
• Materials / construction: 16-strand

Polyester sheath with X-Braid

Polyamide core
• Static resistance: 31kN
• Resistance with spliced eye: 23.5kN • Mass per meter: 103gram
• Sheath percentage: 67%
• Sheath slippage: 0.4%
• Elongation 50 / 150Kg: 2.4%
• Knotability: 0.87
• Retraction with water: 2.8%

Reference: MHF++BZ++++

Certification: CE EN1891-A

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