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Courant Koala

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Koala harness V1.2

Chosen by many international arborists since 2015, the Koala arborist harness is a lightweight, comfortable, robust and easy to adjust climbing harness, designed for maximum performance in trees. Courant has improved its functionality with a secondary bridge & comfort, with additional leg padding. Courant's Koala harness is available in 3 sizes to fit each and every arborist. 

• Improved leg padding for more comfort during climbing and suspended work in the tree
• New size S (belt size starts at 62cm) for smaller men and women
• Stronger, thicker & more wear-resistant rope attachment bridge for extended durability
• A second (secondary) bridge is optionally available
• A large aluminum front ring comes as standard on the bridge
• Extra loop on the backside to support the soon available chest harness
• Lightweight but durable materials for maximum comfort during each use


• 3 different foam densities
• Good breath-ability and comfort that is both flexible and firm thanks to its thermo-regulated SmartFoam back plate
• Ergonomic, semi-rigid and padded thigh straps offering optimum comfort
• The KOALA harness is compatible with the SK8 seat
• Harness specially designed for tree climbing and pruning
• It is both comfortable and lightweight allowing easy movement in trees

• The 10 quick adjustments make the harness easily adjustable to all body types
• Two opening rings allow you to easily add or change the bridge or the other accessories
• The lateral attachment points are compact to allow easy opening of the lanyard connector

Gear holder
Carefully positioned and visible thanks to their fluorescent colors, the tool holders will carry all your equipment.
• 6 tool holders, carabiners, lanyards, pulleys, knife...
• 2 tool holders beneath the thigh straps
• 4 chainsaw hooks
• 4 loops for carabiner
Gear holder type Caritool or Lodge.
• 1 Molle-type hook for the first aid kit. 

Weight: 1.730 kg

CE EN 358 EN 813 certifications

Available in 3 sizes :

Size S :

  • Belt : 60cm – 100cm
  • Thigh : 5 cm – 85cm
  • Weight : 1.5kg

Reference : REL0HRSA

Size M/L :

  • Belt : 75cm - 105cm
  • Thigh : 60cm - 95cm
  • Weight : 1.6kg

Reference : REL0HRMLA

Size L/XL :

  • Belt : 95m  120cm
  • Thigh : 70cm – 102cm
  • Weight : 1.7 kg

Reference : REL0HRXL

How to advise customers for a harness size?

Choose a fitting ideally with a t-shirt.
1- if the user can adjust the harness by tightening the belt fully (or almost), it's the right size!
2 - If the harness is too loose despite a tight belt, choose the smaller size.
3- If the backrest does not cover the stomach enough, choose the upper size.
If necessary, refer to our table for the different sizes.



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