Edelweiss Proline 200m

Edelweiss Proline 200m

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Ropes from the Proline line benefit from a thick sheath, increasing the longevity of the rope in difficult or intensive work conditions 

User guide:  Rope 


Diameter 11 mm
Breaking strength 28 kN
Strength with a figure of 8 knot 18 kN
Number of falls factor 1 > 20
Impact force factor 0,3 4,35 kN
Elongation under 50/150 kg 4 %
Sheath slippage 0,93 %
Knotability 1,1
Shrink in water 3 %
Sheath percentage 43,7 %
Weight 75 g/m
Material Polyamide
Standard UIAA CE EN1891
Type A