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Ocun Paddy Dominator
Ocun Paddy Dominator
Ocun Paddy Dominator

Ocun Paddy Dominator

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Paddy Dominator

Crash pad with our unrivalled FTS Absorption Block®, suitable for highballs

Paddy Dominator is crash pad for the most demanding boulderers. It´s also suitable for highballs thanks to our patented FTS Absorption Block® inner padding that improves absorption of the energy of fall. Design of the absorption block ensures perfectly efficient absorption even et the edges of the pad. Another advantage of this solution is the fact that it decreased the weight of the pad about 20 %. It offers two different ways of opening. Its carrying is more comfortable thanks to the shoulder straps made of WeBee padding. It´s always delivered with integral carpet for cleaning the climbing shoes.

  • FTS Absorption Block
  • Duralumin hook buckles
  • 2 locking Velcro straps
  • Carpet 50×30 cm
  • Breathable WeBee carrying straps
  • 2 rubber handles
  • Multipurpose side loops


6200 g
14.5 cm
100 x 132 cm
Size packed
100 x 66 x 29 cm
Construction and packing
2-pieces, two-way oppening
Carrying system
Absoption effect HIC 400
3 m
EN 1177
UIAA 161


Patented design of the absorption block ensures efficient absorption even at the edges of the pad enabling adjustment of the absorption effect.
Read more at the article.