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PRE-ORDER ONLY Ocun Thor Access 4Q (2020 Date of Manufacture)

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2020 Date of Manufacture Thor Access 

NOTE: These harnesses are set to arrive in May (subject to change). By pre-ordering the Thor Access 2020 DOM harnesses, you are guaranteed of shipment as soon as stock arrives (on first-come, first-served basis).  

Thor Access

The Ocun Thor Access is a lightweight full-body harness that is ideal for rope access, confined space, arborists, riggers or anyone who requires comfort without compromising performance.

Difference between 4Q and 2Q: the 4Q has quick buckles on the legs and the waist. The 2Q has quick buckles only on the legs and speed buckles on the waist.


  • Lightest harness on the market
  • Integrated chest ascender, ideal for rope access
  • Four quick buckles – 2 on waist and 2 on legs, for quick donning and fastening.
  • Easily interchangeable due to their 4-in-1 modular system. No need to replace the whole harness, just swap out the decommissioned part.
  • Lightweight, breathable, non-absorbent padding thanks to their WeBee technology ensuring durable comfort
  • Unique serial number on individual parts for precise safety management and PPE inspections
  • Easy to clean and fully washable padding

More details:

- Chest ascender is integrated for better rope ascents. Locked in position with sewn-in-webbing behind the ascender for extra safety
- Front and rear arrest points are sewn loops, adding to lightness of the harness
- 4-in-1 modular system allows for custom-tailored solutions. Adapt to new requirements without having to replace the whole harness. Change waist, legs, chest V or top as needed and extend the use of your harness

Comfortable design:
- Two D rings on the side, that fold backwards to prevent snagging
- The quick release buckles on the waist and leg loops allow for fast harness donning
- Padding is tested for extreme temperatures and mechanical stress. The hexagonal structure creates a light weight and breathable padding that is also easy to clean
- Extra wide waist belt is available for even more comfort and extra support

- Four equipment loops with protective sheath for carrying tools
- Six slots for tool holders

SIZE M–L (cm) L–XL (cm)
LEGS 50–60 55–70
WAIST 70–110 90–130
HEIGHT 155–185 180–205