About Us

Established in 2012, Verx Australia's main purpose was to source the leading European climbing and rope access equipment to Australian climbers and workers. Stocking well known brands such as Singing Rock, Ocun and Courant, Verx is committed to having the best quality product in both sport and rope access gear.

The Singing Rock's speciality is undeniably their professional gear, with everything from fun body and sit harnesses, lanyards, pulleys, carabiners, rope access equipment, and everything else you need for rope access work, all at a competitive price. Singing Rock is one of the world leaders on the market of climbing equipment and professional protective equipment for work at height, military and rescue. Located in the heart of Europe in the Czech Republic near Krkonoše National Park and Bohemian Paradise, they are situated near the amazing sand stone rock climbing areas. Most of their staff are climbers, and together with our sponsored athletes and professionals they are able to develop, test and improve their high quality climbing and personal protective equipment.

Ocun is well known for its sport climbing. Designed by climbers for climbers, their range of gloves, harnesses, quickdraws and more, suits all levels of rock climbers. Everything Ocun does is connected to their love of climbing, rocks and the outdoors. They share the same desire for beauty and perfection and the need to constantly improve their performance, equipment and themselves. Climbing is their passion. Quality, improved safety and cleaner design of climbing equipment represents a challenge and an opportunity for further work for them. They feel responsible toward climbers, friends and customers who rely on our products at all times, wherever they are. They help them to reach higher and climb to the top more safely. The joy and adventures they experience when conquering vertical worlds are our their biggest reward. 

Courant is an independent family business passed down from generation to generation, Cordes Courant assures the safety of persons working at height. The heritage and know-how acquired over 160 years of experience means their workforce represents the wealth of their business. All of Courant's ropes are manufactured in their factory in Angers. Their state-of-the-art production tools, combined with our ancestral know-how and an innovative manufacturing process enable them to remain competitive. Courant recycled 70 tonnes of rope in 2012 alone, and are working with the ADEME (a French ecological transmission agency) to control its effect on the environment by continually improving its carbon footprint. 

We're here to help at Verx, if you have any questions about gear, beginner kits or anything product specific give us a call on (02) 8488 0950 to speak to one of our members of staff.