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Singing Rock Hero Dry 9.6

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HERO DRY 9.6 / L0524GW
Top-class water resistant single rope with low weight for high-level climbers

  • Single Tech construction provides increased resistance to abrasion and great handling qualities
  • rope is soft and easy to manipulate in belay devices
  • although having a small diameter, this rope provides long lifespan
  • ideal for sport climbing and single pitch ice climbing

  • teflon treatment - TEFLON® is applied on ropes by revolutionary nanotechnology, this treatment gives the rope longer lifetime and water resistance

  • thermotransfer end marking
  • ultrasonic ending
  • middle marking 

  • overview of the available lengths

Color: blue with white and green
Weight: 60 g/m
Length: pack: 30 - 80, 100 m • coil: 200 m
Diameter: 9.6 mm
Number of falls: 8
Dynamic elongation: 36.5 %
Static elongation: 6.3 %
Impact force: 7 kN


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   1019 EN 892