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Ocun  NEON (Ref: 04170)
Extrem light 1-buckle sport climbing harness.  

Product description for Ocun NEON, Green Climbing Harnesses Unisex

The Neon by OCUN is a comfortable lightweight 1-buckle sport climbing harness.

The Neon by OCUN has an even force distribution and therefore a higher comfort. The forces exerted on the body when sitting down or falling are distributed over the entire web thanks to the split belt construction, which increases the overall comfort when climbing. Climbers appreciate this especially on longer routes. The vector forces of leg loops of type "D" are distributed in the transverse axis at an angle of 70 - 90?. The resulting force makes the use of the belt more comfortable. If the leg loops are set too loosely, the forces are not distributed optimally, which can result in an overload of the pelvic area.

The breathable padding guarantees high air permeability while maintaining user comfort. The areas between the load-bearing seams contain ventilation openings covered with perforated microfibre lining for greater climbing comfort.

Padded waist belt and leg loops from breathable sandwich
High-quality microfiber material resistant to abrasion
1 slide-lock stainless steal buckle (20mm)
4 gear loops
Breathable padding
The waist belt is divided into two reinforced strands
Detachable rear elastic
Certification: EN 12277 Typ C
Weight: 270 g
Available in four size:

Size XS: Hip: 59-71 cm, Leg Loops: 46-50 cm, Weight: 270g
Size S: Hip: 65-78 cm, Leg Loops: 50-54 cm, Weight: 290g
Size M: Hip: 71-84 cm, Leg Loops: 54-58 cm, Weight: 305g
Size L: Hip: 78-91 cm, Leg Loops: 58-63 cm, Weight: 335g
Material specifications for Ocun NEON, Green
Ocun NEON, Green is developed for the following Sports & Activities:
Climbing and Bouldering
Ocun NEON, Green can be used in the following Weather conditions:

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