Singing Rock Ankle Protector

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Singing Rock 


Ref: C0083YB00

Protection against scratching the ankle while climbing in low climbing shoes.

  • made of comfortable artificial stretch leather
  • lace webbing for greater durability
  • rubber band for fixation on the leg does not restrict movement
  • elastic rubber band on the Achilles' heel does not cut on the tendons
  • velcro closure
Color yellow/black
Weight 38 g • 1.34 oz
Size UNI
Material artificial leather, polyester, rubber

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Customer Reviews

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Helen Kitching

Just what I was looking for.

Relief From Tender Ankles.

I am very pleased with my 'Singing Rock Ankle Protectors,' what a great invention now that over the ankle climbing shoes are pretty much defunct these days. As soon as I saw them advertised I wanted a pair as the climbing shoes these days expose the ankle leaving them to the mercy of the harsh crystals of granite when foot jamming so they are Godsend. On top of that I have an old motorbike injury where the ankle area is very tender so the 'Singing Rock Ankle Protector' act like an exoskeleton. The design and shape meant that they fitted well, my only negative comment is that because my injured right ankle is thinker in size due to calcium build up the strap is only held tight by a small portion of the Velcro so that could be a problem likewise for people with similar injuries or simply thick ankles. They just need a slightly longer strap for such people. I must point out in that the ankle protector strap was perfect for my other ankle. All in all a great invention for the 'Tenderfoot' or should I say 'Tender Ankles.'

Martin William Brown
Singing Rock Ankle Protector

I ordered my 2 x Singing Rock Ankle Protectors from VerxAustralia and received them in my mail 3 weeks later. Regarding customer service I cannot recommend Verx highly enough. They advised me that they did not haver my items in stock and that it would be 3 weeks for them to get them in, they also took the time to mention that they werent a stability item more a protective item which was exactly what I was looking for. My items arrived on time well packed and even had a personal note from Meagan which was great. All up after using them for the first time I would can say for a striclty non supportive device they made me feel much more confident on the wall especially when heel hooking, and also took my mind off the landing pad on the way down. For anyone who has had an ankle fracture or injury and just wants some extra psychological support to get you back on the wall contact Meagan at and shell hook you up:)