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Singing Rock Antishock

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Antishock I - antistatic harness

The Singing Rock Antishock l antistatic industrial safety harness is the perfect solution for work at height in explosive atmospheres. This work safety harness is particularly suitable for energetics, petrochemical and mining environments.

Features of harness

  • all metal and alloy parts of Singing Rock Antishock are overmolded with colored plastic with an electrical puncture resistance of 10 kV and antistatic finishing
  • double buckles made in accordance with strict American standards (ANSI, NFPA), their minimum strength is 17.8 kN 
  • buckles construction ensures longtime operation and efficiency (easy releasing and fastening even with dirty and tough webbing) 
  • front and back fall arrest attachment points according to EN 361 meet American standards (ANSI, NFPA), marked with additional „A“ marking 
  • 2 side attachment points for work positioning according to EN 358 
  • front lower attachment point for descender placement or work positioning according to EN 813 
  • anatomic waist belt, leg loops and shoulder straps padding ensure enough comfort 
  • narrowed padding and webbing on the shoulder straps in a neck area enhance comfortable work 
  • chest ascender smart fixation system (using an additional maillon), works best with CAM CLEAN
  • chest ascender maillon slot (recommended maillon big D or big Delta, EN 362) 
  • 2 large braided gear loops with a bearing capacity of 5 kg 
  • heavier items up to 35 kg can be attached to the webbing on the waist belt 
  • additional loops with a bearing capacity of 5 kg offer additional space for the gear and better gear organization 
  • shoulder attachment points for confined space rescue according to EN 1497
  • identification and methodical label (to prolong its lifetime is advised to hide this label under the webbing) 
  • name tag for easier recognition of the harness 


Color black with yellow
Weight 2100 g [size M/L] (±15 g) • 74.1 oz (± 0.5 oz)
Size S, M/L, XL


  • CE 1019
  • EN 358
  • EN 361
  • N 813
  • EN 1497
  • ANSI Z359.1
  • NFPA Class III

Size table

Size Table for Singing Rock Antishock
A (cm) 55-80 75-100 85-130
A (in) 22-31 29-39 33-51
B (cm) 45-60 50-75 50-75
B (in) 18-24 20-29 20-29
C (cm) 150-170 160-180 175-205