Singing Rock Shuttle - belay device

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SHUTTLE / K6140EE00 - bordo
SHUTTLE / K6140BB00 - black matt
Belay and rappel device

One device to do it all, the SHUTTLE offers maximum versatility. It has a groove, designed and shaped to provide equal friction for both thin and thick ropes.
When you’re belaying from above, the “guide mode” lets you bring up one or two seconding climbers under control. For lowering, it has a small secondary hole that
you can clinch carabiner for or sling more leverage to release the device.


  • designed for twin, half and single ropes
  • lightweight and compact, only 65 g
  • V-grooves for high friction when belaying the leader or rappeling
  • self locking function when belaying the second
  • eye for releasing the weight
  • possibility of simultaneous belaying two climbers
  • for use with ropes of diameter 7.8 - 10.5 mm

Color: bordo and black matt
Weight: 65 g • 2.29 oz
Material: light-alloy


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SHUTTLE - versatile belay and rappel device. For ropes with diameter 7.8 - 10.5 mm.

EN 15151-2

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