Singing Rock grey Garnet harness for rock climbing

The Singing Rock Garnet has been designed for all round rock and mountaineering adventures. We sent our mate Marty the Garnet to see how it stacked up against his Attack 2 both indoors and at the crag. 

garnet vs attack gif

The first harness I ever bought was a Singing Rock “Attack 2” in 2015. Scrubbing up off-width cracks and powering through sports routes, I am still using it today, which says a lot for Singing Rock’s dedication to superior manufacturing.

When I was asked to review Singing Rock’s Garnet, thanks to VERX Australia, I couldn’t wait to get on the wall and see how the newer harness faired against my current one. The Garnet harness comes with a mesh carry bag, which is handy for packing down and stuffing into your pack after a session.

Climbing in Onkaparinga River National Park
Onkaparinga National Park


 Initial Fitting

The Garnet has retained the quality and simple but fresh design of my Attack 2 harness, as well as the best features. EVA Foam and Breathable PES Fabric on both the waist belt and leg loops, as well as Singing Rock’s super secure and patented Rock and Lock (R&L) adjustment buckles. This system provides easy fitting whether you’re at the crag or on a ski slope, the R&L will perform even when the webbing is wet or frozen.

The adjustment on my waist was perfect thanks to Singing Rock’s BMI System but even at the smallest size I couldn’t get the leg loops tight around my thighs. I put this down to gaining weight around my middle, not Singing Rocks sizing, but people with varying body types should try on different sizes at their local climbing store to get the right fit.

On the Ground

For an entry level harness, the Garnet is light weight (at only 380g) and ergonomically constructed. One thing I like about the Garnet is that it is comfortable to wear whether you are climbing a hard route, belaying a friend all day or moving from crag to hiking through trails. The Garnet needed no adjustment once it was on.

Tori wearing the Garnet at vertical reality about to climb

Tori in the Garnet

Another feature I look for is if there is a haul loop to attach a porter or a carabiner to, as I like to hang my chalk bag off the back instead of using a waist strap. The Garnet has a smaller back haul loop back and four nylon braided gear loops for potential porter attachment.

The four braided gear loops when loaded up with six quick draws performed well. They didn’t shift or fall to one side due to weight load and were easily accessible when clipping onto bolts.

The belay loops and tie in loops are sturdy but are all the same colour, a feature that could lead to incorrect tie in mistakes for a novice climber.

On the wall

Tied in, buddy checked and ready to climb, I took up the slack on the GriGri 2 belay device used at Vertical Reality. My climbing partner ascended an easy grade 10 climb to see how the Garnet felt off the ground.

As she climbed, the Garnet showed no signs of slipping or re-positioning and held her weight comfortably through the leg loops when resting. When hanging at a belay, on route or while descending the leg loops hold roughly half of your weight, and the other half rests on the lower back supported by the waist belt.

Tori climbing in the Garnet at vertical reality

Suspended at the top of the route, all reports were good from my partner. The Garnet felt secure and well balanced through both leg loops and waist band. The tie in loops also felt safe and secure. As I lowered her down using the GriGri, I observed that she remained balanced and comfortable in the Garnet. It’s always a little difficult finding your feet when you reach the ground, especially on a rocky crag, but the Garnet’s ability to maintain a steady position through the descent was perfect for a steady landing.

Roundup & Comparison

Graph comparing garnet and attack 2. Garnet scores hanging comfort 4.5, standing comfort 5, features 4.5, belaying 5, overall 4.5, attack 2 having comfort 5, standing 4, features 4, belaying 4.5, overall 4.5

We really couldn’t fault the Garnet, its comfortability when on or off belay, the even weight distribution and steadiness when loaded are all great features. The Rock and Lock buckles on the leg loops not providing a tight fit for my small thighs & the smaller haul loop are my only drawbacks. I would however recommend this harness as a first stop for anyone getting into climbing no matter what the style.

Singing Rock Garnet harness grey
Singing Rock Garnet - RRP $122.95



See you on the wall!

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