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The Singing Rock EXPERT 3D SPEED Harness is a versatile and fully adjustable harness designed for rope access and various work scenarios. 

This harness boasts a wide, padded waist belt, leg loops, and shoulder straps, offering comfort and support during work positioning, fall arrest, and work restraint activities.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Usage: Ideal for various work applications, providing safety and support in multiple scenarios.
  • Padded Comfort: The wide waist belt padding ensures maximum comfort, especially during extended periods at height.
  • Intelligent Design: The strength webbing on the waist belt is strategically stitched to distribute body weight primarily onto the padding.
  • Increased Visibility: Features reflective straps and printing for better visibility in low-light conditions. Note that the black version does not include reflective elements.
  • Durable Construction: Anatomic leg loops and waist belt are covered with strong PES fabric, ensuring high abrasion resistance.
  • Efficient Adjustability: Equipped with SPEED buckles for quick and precise fitting to the user's body.
  • Secure Connection: Includes an OZONE triple lock carabiner for shoulder strap attachment, enhancing chest ascender space.
  • Advanced Ascender Compatibility: The chest ascender smart fixation system, with a durable plastic cover on the OZONE carabiner, is optimised for use with the CAM CLEAN system.
  • Customisable Comfort: Shoulder straps and leg loops are independently adjustable, with specially designed padding and webbing in the neck area for added comfort.
  • Multiple Attachment Points: Features front and back points for fall-arrest, a front lower point for descender placement (EN 813), and side points for work positioning (EN 358).
  • Corrosion Resistance: All steel components are finished with E-coating for enhanced durability.
  • Ample Gear Storage: Includes 4 ergonomic braided gear loops, additional loops on the waist belt and leg loops, and a wide elastic band on the left shoulder strap for gear organisation and attachment.
  • Tool Holder Compatibility: Slots on the waist belt for PORTER tool holder.
  • Rescue Ready: Shoulder attachment points for confined space rescue (EN 1497)


  • Colour Options: Available in black with yellow and full black versions.
  • Weight: 2415 g [size M/L] (± 15 g) | 85.19 oz (± 0.5 oz).
  • Sizes Available: S, M/L, XL (size table below)
  • Maximum Load Capacity: Rated for loads up to 150 kg.
  • Standards: CE 1019 EN 358 EN 361 EN 813 EN 1497


  1. Is the chest ascender included? No, the CAM CLEAN chest ascender is not included but can be attached using the provided strap on the right gear loop. See the video below on how to attach it. Any other chest ascender should work in principal as well. 

  2. Can the harness be used for different body sizes? Yes, with its adjustable straps and SPEED buckles, it can be easily fitted to different body sizes. For specific measurements of the webbing per size, please refer to the last images listed. 

  3. How can I organize my tools and gear? The harness offers multiple gear loops, additional loops, and slots for a PORTER tool holder, ensuring efficient gear organisation. 

  4. Is this harness suitable for low-light conditions? The black with yellow version has the reflective elements on the harness which enhance visibility in dark conditions.

  5. Can I use it for fall-arrest scenarios? Absolutely, it has designated attachment points for fall-arrest situations.

  6. Is it suitable for carrying heavy gear? Yes, it has a capacity for heavier items up to 35 kg on the waist belt webbing, and 4 gear loops each with a capacity of 5 kg.
  7. What is the maximum weight capacity of the harness? It is rated for a maximum load of 150 kg, including body weight and any tools. 
  8. Can I use a Maillon Big D or a Ringo as alternative connector? Yes, if all the instructions of use are followed. 

For further details and technical information, downloadable PDFs are available, including instructions of use and technical parameters. Also, check out the related video "SINGING ROCK 3D work harnesses" for more insights.


instructions of use PDF - 1,2 MB 

technical parameters PDF - 2,3 MB

Size table

Tabulka velikostí
A (cm) 65-80 75-100 85-130
A (in) 25-31 29-39 33-51
B (cm) 45-60 50-75 50-75
B (in) 18-24 20-29 20-29
C (cm) 150-170 160-180 175-205

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